April 29, 2013

Cinco de Mayo: Mini Piñatas

We think a Cinco de Mayo celebration should be fun down to the last detail -- and these adorable DIY mini piñatas certainly fit the bill. Grab your fringing scissors and get to work on some festive decor elements that will infuse your fiesta with cheerful color.

Place Card Pic

  • Medium-size cereal box
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Fringe scissors (optional)
  • Painter’s tape
  • Party streamers in multiple colors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Printer
  • Printer paper
  • Colorful construction paper

DIY Pinata Place Cards Tutorial copy
Step 1:
Draw, stencil, or trace the outline of a donkey on the cereal box (ours measured 3 ½” x 4 1/2”) and cut out. Trace around the cutout to make a second cardboard donkey of the same shape and size.

Step 2: Cut a one-inch-wide strip from the box, and lay flat between the two cutouts as shown. Tape together the three pieces as demonstrated, and begin to bend the strip to the shape of the cutouts, taping down as you go. (TIP: Move the strip of cardboard between your hands to make it pliable and easier to curve around the shape of the donkey.) 

Step 3: Continue adding strips with painters tape as needed until you’ve covered all open sides except for the bottom of the feet.   

Step 4: Cut a strip of party streamer n the color of your choice; fold in half lengthwise, and fringe using scissors (this effect can also be made using regular scissors).

Step 5:
Starting from the bottom, wrap double-sided tape around the piñata, and add a layer of fringed streamer. Work your way up the piñata layer by layer, alternating colors.

Step 6&7
Step 6: For the sides of the piñata, we added one-inch stripes layered one over the other and affixed with double-sided tape. 

Step 7: Repeat steps 1-6 until you have the desired  number of piñatas (one cereal box will make three). When you have finished, fill each with treats through the bottom and then seal with painters tape. 

These fun and festive mini piñatas can be given as favors, strung together to make a garland, or personalized with guest names layered on colorful swatches of contruction paper. The possibilities are endless!


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5 responses to "Cinco de Mayo: Mini Piñatas"

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Love these they are so much fun!!!

I have to make these! Thank you so much for the tutorial.

I have to make these! Thank you for the tutorial.

love these!!! Just wondering is there a print out of the outline of the Mini Piñatas so I can trace on box?

Hi Monica,

Thank you for the comment! Sadly, we didn't use a print out for the Pinatas. We drew the first one with pencil about 4 1/2" wide x 3 1/2" high x 1" deep, cut it out, and then used that one to trace the others. That way they would all end up the same. Hope that helps!

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