August 03, 2009

a vintage bridal shower tea

not a spot of tea

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Showering a bride-to-be with gifts and good wishes is a lovely tradition, and a fête that is uniquely hers makes the day memorable. While it’s easy—and appreciated—to purchase a gift from the registry, an unexpected set of exquisite, mismatched vintage teacups makes a great surprise for the guest of honor.

Here’s how it works:

  • In the invitation, ask each guest to bring one pretty vintage teacup to the shower. (The hostess may want to have a few additional teacups at the ready in case a guest forgets.)
  • Also encourage guests to wear any long, old-fashioned gloves they may have; it is a vintage tea party! Older family members will be delighted to dust a pair off, and younger attendees will enjoy playing dress-up. (The organizers may want to provide some at the shower for ladies to borrow and wear.)
  • Be sure to ask one guest, perhaps the hostess or the organizers, to gift the bride-to-be with a tea pot.
  • At the shower, set aside a small table or area for guests to drop off the teacup they brought, and then encourage everyone to use them! At the end of the party the bride has a pretty mismatched tea set to take home as a sweet memento of the day. 
  • This sort of shower makes figuring out the favors easy! A tin of tea, a strainer and some honey (or any combination thereof) is great with the theme.

Note: Vintage tea cups and old-fashioned long gloves can be found at thrift stores, estate sales, church/synagogue bazaars or can come from one’s own collection—trés eco-friendly! It’s especially meaningful if family members have an heirloom teacup they’re willing to give.

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Such a great idea! I just adore vintage tea cups.

I had a tea party about two summers ago and had did some extensive research on the subject. It was an afternoon tea and received some wonderful assistance with selections from the Monastery in Cleveland, Ohio. And, had the ladies wear gloves, hats and bring a dessert. I also made scones, cucumber sandwiches, and other sandwiches made with chutney etc.
It was quite an experience and even had my husband help me with decorating...

i did this for a friend two years ago. but i went to ross and marshall's to buy cheap tea pots. i put them on the tables as decoration (along with stuffed animals to feel like little kids playing tea party!) and then gave them away as prizes for the games. it was summer so hot tea was a big no. we did iced and sweet tea instead.

Interesting and inspiring for me and us in germany alos, thank you ;o)

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Will Surely B there

hi. i never really thought about vintage bridal shower tea. great idea. i came across this great site that gives out cool new ways to party. it was known as coolest-party-ideas. you can google it if you want.

this is a great idea for a group of people who love funkier things or can appreciate something a little out of the ordinary. I love this idea. I might try something like it. It could even be used for birthdays?...

fantastic.nice idea.

I have been to many showers and i think this idea of the Tea cups is soo cute. It would be very special.. Love the idea.

Nice thoughts. This can be used to have a new relationship with clear thoughts.

This is a very beautiful idea. Girls love to play dress up so why wouldn't this be fun!

Well I thought it was a good idea. I really think that you should add something to it though. Maybe it sounds like im judging you but I'm not. No need to fuss and fight and cause problems on your page cause certain people don't care bout what they say. I just want you to know that I'm not trying to cause trouble. I'm just saying you might want to put something extra on whatever it is that needs to be put on. I think it's a cake that i was talking bout.

Please text me back or blog on my page of what you feel about what I said. Or message me through this thing. So bye.

I personally really like this idea. It's original yet tradition. There's nothing quite like bringing back the nostalgia of a tea party into a bridal shower. Very cool!