June 03, 2009

new! post your parties on facebook

post on facebook!

You like to party. We like to help you do it. That's why we've added two easy ways to invite your Facebook friends to your events.

Here's how: Once you send your Evite invitation, you'll see the confirmation page (above) with that enticing blue button.... Just click it and you're off.

Choose "Send a Message" to deliver your invitation to your friends' Facebook inboxes.
Key usage: inviting people when you don't have their email addresses handy and don't have them in your Evite Contacts.

send a message

Choose "Post to Profile" if you want a quick way to spread your event to the masses.
Key usage: when you want to open up the guest list to a bigger group. Your friends can click the post on your wall to view your Evite invitation and add themselves to the guest list.

post to profile

Posted by Eva on June 3, 2009 in Shameless Plugs

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Hello All,

Welcome to evite!


To all my Hot and Stylish Mujeres, come join me for a fun afternoon of brunch,refreshing cocktails and clothes swapping!!


i love e-vite

This is great!

How can I turn my evite into a facebook event??

How can i post the same look and feel to my facebook group? I tried submitting but it only posts to profile.

Is there another way to get to that button? I created my evite last night, but now I want to post it to my Facebook.

Yeah, I would like to invite facebook friends but I have already sent out my invitations. How can I post it to facebook now??

Beware: If you evite through the new Facebook post link, your invitee will not show up under the "Have Not Responded" section of the evite invitation. Therefore, when viewing evite, you will not have a record of who you invited and your guests will not have access to a list of your invitees. Your invites will only show up after they have RSVP. Huge inconvenience if your invitees RSVP very close to the event date.

Poor integration of Facebook into Evite!

Facebook and Evite are the top ways in which people invite their friends to events. So I think it makes sense that the two should partner together and develop an app to fully integrate the two using APIs. Just saying. :)