April 08, 2009

spring into action

sunny day, everything's a-okay

Spring is finally, finally sproinging up all around us — days are longer, flowers are blooming, birds are singing, music is blasting out of open car windows, and the lure of the grill and outdoor parties is getting ever stronger.

In other words, no, it's not just you. We're all craving a little sun and some laidback, good times after this tough winter. And what better way to kick things off than with a sunny, springy invitation design? I know exactly where you can find some. Click an image to start creating your invitation!

Light up an outdoor party....

i've got the world on a string

Hip up your house party....

come on over, come on over, baby

Brighten up any event with a sunny color and traditional style....

and it was all yellow

Batter up for baseball season....

put me in, coach, i'm ready to play today

Set a sweet tone....

and here is a red balloon; i think of you and let it go

Add some pop to your party....

everybody's smilin', sunshine day! everybody's laughin', sunshine day!

Posted by Eva on April 8, 2009 in Parties , Shameless Plugs

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3 responses to "spring into action"

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Just looking at all these evites get me inspired to throw all kinds of parties! I especially like the lanterns and the balloons!

I used the the top one, to invite all the ladies for my next destination spa retreat in Estes Park in the Rocky Mountains www.spaaaaah.com/May2009Retreat.aspx

Oh - these make me want to throw lots of parties, too :) How much fun: & that get awy spa party sounds delightful!! My co-workers & I are 'doing' a retreat @ Breitenbush (Oregon) in a week & 1/2 - I can hardly wait!