September 11, 2008

party by numbers: baby shower

this little piggy went to a baby shower

Like this design? Create an Evite invitation with this image.

Got a friend who's having a baby? Don't let planning a shower rain on the parade. We've broken down some simple steps to throwing a party that's a bundle of joy.

1. Invitations: Pick one of our baby shower invitations. We have ones for a boy, a girl, twins, as well as gender neutral invites (the one above is currently our most popular). In addition to including the normal party info, you might also want to add details in your message to guests like whether or not guests should bring their own children, if the shower will be co-ed and where the parents-to-be are registered.

2. Food: Appetizers and finger foods are standard fare for showers. If you want to make more of a splash, follow a theme — pastries and frittatas for a brunch or tea sandwiches and scones for a high tea. Since the mother-to-be is the guest of honor, be sure to include her in your menu planning to ensure that she doesn't have any food aversions (e.g., my sister couldn't be in the same room as chicken when she was pregnant).

3. Drinks: To spike or not to spike? Whether or not to serve alcohol is another thing you should discuss with the mom-to-be. No matter what you decide, be sure to have plenty of non-alcoholic options around like a good sparkling punch or fruity drink. I love Izze because they have sparkling fruit juices that come in a rainbow of lovely colors that can even complement your party décor.

4. Activities: Opening gifts will be the main event, along with passing them around and plenty of oohing and aahing. You can get your guests involved in the action by planning a few shower games.

For a different spin on baby showers, throw a sip and see party where everyone can meet the baby. And don't forget our baby shower party guide for even more ideas.

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I love this invitation.