August 13, 2008

go for the gold

go team!

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Okay, show of hands. Who else watched the men's Olympic swimming relay alone and found yourself cheering and jumping around and bummed you didn't have anyone to high-five or chant "U-S-A" with?

Don't make that mistake again. Watching the Olympics is a great reason to invite people over. We'll make it easy for you: Send the Evite invitation above, order in some Chinese food, get doughnuts for dessert (and display them on a platter in the shape of the Olympic rings), put your patriotic pants on, and let the games roll. Good times guaranteed.

See, it's easy. You didn't even have to break a sweat. You can leave all that to the athletes.

Posted by Eva on August 13, 2008 in Parties , Shameless Plugs

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That was totally me, giving air high-fives to no one after that heart-stopping relay.