August 06, 2008

boys boys boys

tastes great! less filling!

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When a girlfriend and I were hanging out with some guy friends, we decided we were going to watch Blade Runner and not invite them. This mild taunting session continued until we determined we were going to throw a full-scale testosterone-inspired slumber party that was girls-only. In retaliation, the boys threatened to have an all-male slumber party with mud masks, nighties and pillow fights.

In the end, while the utter ludicrousness of the girlie party for guys created a humorous visual image, we knew the fellows would never make good on their threat. But the (admittedly stereotype-heavy) guy-themed party for girls was a party my friend and I actually wanted to throw. It’s the perfect foil to a super-girlie slumber party, and it would go a little something like this:

  • Decor should be non-existent. Easy on the wallet and requires no prep!
  • Poker should be involved. Maybe also Wii or the board game Risk. (I haven’t heard guys talk about Risk since high school, but I once had to listen to a long conversation of who dominated whom at Risk. This seemed important to the fellows in the conversation, and I remember thinking to myself: This must be a guy thing….)
  • Food should be ridiculously unhealthy. My friend and I claimed we would have fried food only at our party. But ordering pizza and buffalo wings from Pizza Hut would be a good route too. Also, as far as I can tell, guys seem to have a thing for Mother’s Cookies. Or, at least, they sometimes bring them to my parties and then proceed to eat them all.
  • My friend and I claimed we were going to host a double feature of Blade Runner and Repo Man. (I’ve never actually heard guys discuss Repo Man, but it was playing at a second-run movie theater at the time and got thrown into the mix.) Highlander is a good testosterone-friendly movie as well.
  • You need beer. Budweiser will work fine.

Posted by Christine on August 6, 2008 in Parties

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Great idea! The perfect finishing touch for this party? Don't clean up the mess...for at least 2 days.


Don't forget the cigars and pot brownies...