July 16, 2008

magic grapes

they're grrrrrrrrrape!

These grapes flavored with cherry Jell-O mix don't really have magical powers. And the name of the recipe given to me years ago was "cherry-flavored grapes," which prompted one friend to say, "Why would you make one fruit taste like another?" We will ignore that friend. 

Instead, we will pay attention to another friend who, whenever she throws a party, calls me up and asks, "Can you please bring the Magic Grapes?" I've referred to this recipe as Magic Grapes ever since, and I like to think of them as the ruby red slippers of the fruit world.

Both adults and children are pretty amazed by this crazy-simple recipe, and these grapes would be especially appropriate for a slumber party or really any party at all.

Magic Grapes

  • 2 bunches of red grapes or thereabouts
  • 1 small package of cherry-flavored Jell-O

Place the grapes in a Ziploc bag, pour in the Jell-O, seal, and shake shake shake until coated. Remove grapes from bag and place grapes in a clean Ziploc bag (since excess Jell-O creates an undesirable, soupy effect). Freeze; then serve. And be forewarned: These suckers are messy!

Note: Despite the ease of the recipe, there are a surprising amount of opportunities for screw-ups. I once froze the grapes before shaking them in Jell-O, and the Jell-O clumped and created a red pool of a mess, prompting someone to say at one party: “What is this?” Nobody really touched those grapes. When I made the same recipe correctly the next day, everybody thought they were the greatest thing ever and ate them until they were gone.

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Thanks Christine! I agree - these are a fantastic party food especially for summer BBQs and when you brought them last time they truly were a hit! We will be adding them to the menu going forward!

Alie :)

These were a hit for adults and kids alike. Bring these anytime. Yum!

Thanks for introducing me to magic grapes. My sister and I threw a 60th birthday party for my mother this weekend, and I made them. They were greeted with skepticism by my sister when I told her the ingredients (Jello?), but I got several compliments on them. Not having your recipe yet, I went online and used another variation, which required less Jello and freezing beforehand. The effect was more "dusty", but in a pretty way. I made sure to completely dry the grapes before freezing, and I think that avoided the soupy effect.

Thanks again!

This is really something else! I've always got frozen grapes in the freezer, to cool fruit punch, iced tea and the like, but I never even imagined to shake them up in cherry jello and eat them as is.. yum! I see red stained fingers in my future.

haha, i like that you call them "magic grapes." an interesting idea!

This has to be the coolest idea ever! Will definitely try this out.

do you mix the jello or put the jello on the grapes as powder

Sandra: No need to mix the Jell-o. Just put the powder on the grapes and shake!

Is there a way to add alcohol to this already great idea?

Karen, you could try soaking the grapes in vodka for a while before hand, I soaked some for a few days for a grape infused vodka and tried them after, they were strong but tasty.