June 18, 2008

love is in the air

we'll have a gay old time

Like this design? Create an Evite invitation with this image.

Here at Evite, we love hearing about all the events you're planning. And we're really glad to be a part of your milestone celebrations, from special birthdays and baby showers to anniversaries and weddings.

Our goal is to provide you with the perfect invitations for all of your events, big and small. Recently, in response to your requests, we've added wedding invitations for same-sex ceremonies. You'll find them in the "Wedding Themes" design gallery.

Keep your celebrations coming, and we'll keep creating invitations to help you start the party in style.

Posted by Eva on June 18, 2008 in Shameless Plugs , Weddings

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Wow, so cool. Go Evite!

I'm so very happy for all the COUPLES!!!This card is perfect- I'm in FULL support of LOVE, no matter where you find it. Well so long as we don't pass a bill to marry a dog/cat... HELLO!!!

XOXO, Ruba Styles,
Owner/Personal Organizer of FIIXX!

All those happy California couples finally getting married brings a tear to my eye. I looked at the new wedding theme invitations, and the 2 Tuxedo wedding one is too cute!

I am very dissapointed that evite has chosen to condone this type of lifestyle by offering a specific evite for this alternative type of event. I will no longer use evite due to this.

Go Evite! As for the other Molly up there I might have to stop using my name because of people like you.

Lifestyle... haha, that's so funny. It's biologically determined at birth. Check it out: http://abclocal.go.com/kgo/story?section=news/local&id=6209976

Lol, the mouseover captions never fail to crack me up!

Thank you SO much Evite for choosing to embrace equality and giving gay and lesbians a few great options for our wedding invitations! I have a couple friends I already know of that are getting married and I'm going to pass this on to them right away.

I love you service and use it for all my events. And now that you offer SameSex evites I am proud to support you and sing your praises. Thank you!

Simply Shameful! E-vite just joined the group of companies that contributes to disgraceful behavior.

My partner and I are getting married next year and I wanted to use Evite but wondered if there would be some welcoming and affirming same-sex invite on Evite! Thank you--you have truly opened your marketability and I really appreciate your efforts! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And congrats to all my same-sex brothers and sisters celebrating their weddings. Cheers to all!

I have been using Evite for over 2 years, and I love your service! It's ingenious really! And now, I appreciate your company even more...thanks for supporting all people from all walks of life. Great design!!

Awesome! I am loving this new addition and can't wait to use it someday! :) Thanks, Evite, for doing this!

Bravo! Thanks for the new Evites featuring same-sex couples! My wife-to-be and I are getting married in Canada this summer and will definitely be using Evite to let our guests know about all the fun activities we have planned for them.

You know, I had stopped using Evite for a while just because social networking sites kinda do the same thing. But I read this and came here to check it out, and I think I will stay a while. Your new themes, same-sex and otherwise, are great. My birthday party is coming up and I'm creating an invitation right now. And if I ever do tie the knot I will use you for my bachelor party! Thank you, Evite!

RAD!!!! It is about time! I am getting married this summer (hetero) and I am so glad to have other family members, my sister and my friends be able to have the same rights! I will never be above them, we are equal! This will only make our world stronger! All you prejudice people out there watch out! Love is taking over!! Go Evite!

I LOVE evite and have been using it for such a long time! I must say that I am disappointed by this new design. I support Molly and Nicole in saying that I am disppointed in Evite for supporting this lifestyle. tsk, tsk...
And as for being biological determined at birth, as per the abclocal link??? Are you kidding me?!?!?! You're going to quote ABC?!?!?! Studies have shown that yes, it is genetic, but NOT ENTIRELY. W/ the study of monozygotic twins (identical twins) seperated at birth and raised in different families, 55% has correlation. That is, if there was one gay male twin, the chances of his twin brother being gay was 55%. That being said, genetics play a LARGE part in someone's sexual orientation, but one's environment (whether in the womb or while growing up), has an effect as well.

what a weird discussion for an invitation web site, for crying out loud! so, how many of you guys/ladies think that turning a blind eye on an issue makes that issue cease to exist? how many elephants can fit in your living rooms before you die of suffocation? you've grown to love your suffering a bit too much...

To "Disappointed," ABC was merely one website of many reporting the results of that study (BBC, Time, LiveScience, etc.). Even if 45% is environmental, that doesn't explain the millions of GLBT people throughout history in every part of the very-straight world. A lifestyle, like vegetarianism, is 0% genetic. The bottom line is that if your disagreement is faith-based, then no science will ever change your mind (example: "intelligent design").

You know, people are going to do what they want to do, no matter what others may say or think, but I'm saddened by the outcome of so many believing that same-sex marriage is of God, even when california has approved it. I do love this service, e-vite, but I can't support your service anymore, because of my beliefs, this is not a hateful note and I fear what the world is coming too. Those who believe in same-sex think us, those who don't are all hateful, I am not one of those, I do think you need to read the word of God and find out the real truth in his word. God does love us all and he does not want anyone to go to hell, but it strictly says that those who live for themselves and in sin shall not enter in the kingdom of God. I spoke my peace, just don't bash me for speaking it, I have every right, just as much as the next guy. I may still use the service, It just isn't something I believe in, same-sex marriage, that is. Thank you for your time.

I agree Traci. God IS love. Therefore, we can describe him as a God of love. John 3:16, clearly tells the world how he feels about them. However, God is also a God of judgement. Just to name a scripture Psalms 9:17 (actually the entire chapter of Psalms) is a great place to find out how he feels about those things that we do contrary to his word. It is my understanding that it does not matter what the world accepts as right and wrong...wrong can become right and right can become wrong in the world. The world changes its mind every second of the day. God is however, the same and he does not change [(Hebrews 13:8, Malachi 3:6 (actually the entire chapter is good to read)]. Who really cares what the world accepts when God will have the final say so. For a Christian, the Holy Bible is the book that is read and believed upon...and most definitely the book that you ask God to help you pattern your life after. Following God's way is the BEST way! That's my testimony!

How dare you assume that you know what God likes and doesn't like. Who gave you the right to judge. Maybe it is you who is committing a sin in doing the judging. Thank God for companies that can put their feeling aside and do the right thing....

I don't believe I was saying what God likes or dislikes or that I was judging. In no way do I have the right to judge anyone. sin is sin, whether it be stealing, murder, living in sin (same-sex marriage) etc. I could be just as guiltly, if I cursed God. The fact of the matter is, that GOD is the final judge, whether you want to believe it or not. I do believe he is a forgiving God and he loves us, but he will judge in the end, whether you like it or not. We need, us all, even me, need to get past ourselves and seek out the real truth. Why are we here? God put us here and we should try to live accordingly to his word and purpose, those who choose not to serve God and believe in that truth can go their own way, God gave us all a choice, but the truth is, once you choose that way of life, God is not in it anymore and therefore we live for ourselves and then Satan steps in and helps us to believe his way is right. I am just speaking what the truth of God's word states. You can take it for what it is, but this is what I believe, and each one of us chooses a belief route, this is mine, christianity, Living for christ and the truth of his word. If you don't like it, fine, live your own way, but don't say no one told you so, we will all stand before him, you may think i sound judgmental in that, but that IS what is going to happen!

STOP being prejudice, it brings a tear to my eye. It kills me to know that you are using evite to spread hate How can you have so much hate? Now that is from nurture! This about LOVE and MARRIAGE! When people have joined so many years without even having a piece of paper saying they are joined together thats love, when they join together with the whole world against them but they make it through thats love! When they have so much love in there hearts to raise children in a non prejudice home, thats love..... YOU who have hate should NOT be aloud to marry! How dare you say what is going to happen at the gates... Love will prosper!!!!!!

Your the one full of hate, not me, I am just speaking what I believe. I in no way have been hateful about any of my words. I am sorry if you took it that way. God bless!

Kudos to evite for creating designs for invitations (evitations?) that meet the need of *all* your wonderfully varied users.

Whether you need an invitation for a Baptism or Christening, a Prayer Meeting, or wedding of any type, it's nice to know that evite has options available.

Response to Kathleen's comment:

I don't know who's comment you were responding to above.
However, since your comment is after the comment that I gave, I assume you are responding to my comment.

Assumptions dear? Judgement? I don't think so. However, I can read. Maybe you should try it and read the reference scriptures that are in the comment that I made and make your own conclusions. It would also help you to understand what judgement really is.
If you read the scripture, you would see that the judgement has already been handed down. The only thing that we all will face on judgement day is the verdict. Based on the scriptures that I listed above and others in the Holy Bible, which side will you find yourself on? I don't know about you,but I want to be found on God's side and for him to say, "Well done,good and faithful servant".

I'm sure that you are literate.
See if you think that I've made
assumptions or if I simply read the very same scriptures that I listed and was intelligent enough, and not in denial, to understand what was written?

Try it and see what you think!

Yay Evite! I am so heartened by your same-sex design--it made my day!
I'm glad that, as James above notes, Evite provides options for a variety of needs, cultural and religious--and secular--backgrounds--and orientations. I'll certainly remember to use Evite from here on in!

Thanks evite for allowing those of us who love God not just in words but in obedience to his word (John 14:15), to express our faith in God's Holy word. My hope is to allow God's light to shine through me so that men might see my good works and glorify the father who is in heaven(Matthew 5:16). To God be ALL the glory for the wonderful things he has done!

I just want to say congratulations to everyone tying the knott. I fully support same sex marriages and so does my company. If any of you would like some free advice for your special day please email me I would love to help! Also if anyone needs a planner we still have dates open for 2008!
Have a great night!

It is just wonderful to know that in the midst of confusion, God's word still brings hope and light... even when so many people have seemed to loose their way(Romans 1:26-28, Psalm 119:104-106). Nevertheless, God's word still(Hebrew's 4:12,)works!

Thanks evite for allowing those of us who love and appreciate the idea that was God's and God's alone, marriage. It's a wonderful gift that he has given for a man and a woman to be wed to each other (Hebrews 13:4,Leviticus 20:13 and 22).

There's not anything quite like it! It's beyond human vocabulary to describe! I like to encourage people, even companies towards great ideas. Marriage is a great idea and a God idea! Yeah for God's idea(Genesis 2:20-23)!

Evite - Thank you for supporting all people no matter what others say or do.
I am a gay man that plans to marry some day and believe it is my right to do so and feel discriminated against when I am not allowed to do so. So although my homestate of MA was the first state to offer full priveleges to me in marriage my country has yet to do so.
All those that have been discrimanted against or denied rights for whatever reason are all one people that should not be treated this way and it's small choices like this one from Evite that bring us all closer to a better place one step at a time.
And as for all the quoting of scripture please correct me if I'm wrong but it was all written by man and to my knowledge no one has EVER spoken directly to GOD amd asked him point blank "Is homsexuality wrong and cause for eternal damnation and if so then why did you create it in the first place"???
I believe in God and he believes in me and we love each other and I treasure the day when it will be proven that we are all one spirit of God, by God and for God!

I'm a long time user of Evite. While we are all entitled to our own personal opinions, I commend your site for making all people comfortable using your services.

Keep up the good work.