June 13, 2008

for those about to chalk

this post is begging for a rock-chalk-jayhawk chant

What is it with kids and chalk? Growing up, my friends and I were obsessed with it. It helped that we had an in — my best friend's dad was a principal, so chalk was in constant supply. Regular chalk was great, the fat chalk was awesome whenever we got our hands on it, but our fave was the colored chalk. And nothing topped taking it outside to draw on the sidewalk.

It seems chalk hasn't lost any of its luster. At my niece's 5th birthday a couple week's ago, Crayola's 3D Sidewalk Chalk was the big hit. It looks like regular, unassuming chalk, but put on the wacky 3D glasses, and your work starts to resemble those amazing sidewalk artists. (Maybe that's stretching it a little.)

Here's how it works: When you put on the glasses, the warm colors appear to be raised from the pavement, while the cool colors sink down. The one problem is that it works best when you alternate the colors to really get that 3D effect. But hand a kid a piece of chalk, and try to explain why it's not going to work if they draw a blue and purple tree. So a little adult help will really go a long way. If you want to go all out, get the Rainbow Rake and alternate warm and cool colors, then let the kids draw whatever they want between the lines. With the backdrop in place, you're sure to get some pop.

Best of all for moms and dads is the clean-up — one spray of the hose and your sidewalk is ready for a whole new day of multi-dimensional hopscotch and murals.

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So cool! I'm going to buy several sets of them to have on hand for the birthdays of all the kids I know.... Love the gifts that encourage kids to be creative instead of the typical cheap plastic stuff.

I bought my 10-year-old brother this chalk for his birthday and he is raving over it! He had originally wanted a $30 game for his GameBoy, but the $5 kit of creative chalk topped that off! He is now outside "jumping" through the raised shapes of chalk rather than being a couch-potato and staring at a tiny screen. I really recommend any of the Crayola products - they are packed with all sorts of pockets for creative minds, yet anybody can have fun with them and make worthwhile art!

I'm so jealous. This is so much cooler than the monotone chalk I had as a kid. ;(