June 20, 2008

everybody into the pool

yes, rubber duckie, you're still the one

Summer is rapidly approaching, and you know what that means? Well, yes, sand in your swimsuit at the beach, but think something more fun. Something everyone loves. No, not Richard Simmons. C'mon, you're not concentrating!! It's the pool, people, and your family and friends are sure to have a splish-splashy summer full of fun in it.

Read on for a fun pool activity that will have your entire family in stitches.

My family and I had a giddy-up good time this past Sunday playing what we like to call "Pool Riding." That's right. It's a pool version of bull riding, and it's the most fun I've had in a pool since, well ... ever.

All you need is an inflatable pool animal. Doesn't have to be a bull (although that would SO rock). We had a lion, and it worked just fine. This shark could also be real neat, for example. And, heck, if you could find an inflatable Richard Simmons, you're good to go!

Anyway, the rules are simple. If children are involved, it goes without saying (although I'm saying it right now) that you should always supervise kids when they're in the pool. This game is no different.

Each rider takes his or her turn. Simply get up on the first step on the ladder into the pool. Straddle said inflatable toy and turn yourself to the side. Then take a big leap into the pool and as soon as you hit, one arm must go up over your head. The other is used for holding on for dear life. First one to be able to "ride" for 8 seconds is the winner.

You'll be surprised at how hard it is, but yet how fun it is at the same time. Kinda like sudoku ... just wetter.

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I was surprised pool parties didn't rank higher on your poll a couple of days ago. That's what I voted for! :)

I agree. Who doesn't love a pool party?! Can't beat a good BBQ and a day in the sun and (backyard) surf.