May 15, 2008

sweet tarte

I heart Tarte

What couple wouldn't want to join the ranks of some of history's most famous duos? Bogey and Bacall, Daisy and Gatsby, Johnny and Baby — they're beloved pairs and shades of Tarte lip glosses. And with Tarte's custom glosses, you and your sweetie can be immortalized in the form of your very own. I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a beauty-junkie bride who could resist the power of a personalized lip gloss (present company included!).

It's such a clever gift idea for bridesmaids, shower favors or even an everlasting supply of your favorite shades of lip gloss. (Well, maybe not everlasting. I'm pretty sure it's not advisable to be slicking on 10-year-old lip gloss.) Just pick an existing dual-ended gloss and send Tarte your info. You do have to order at least 25, but you get 40 to 50 percent off retail, depending on how many you order. I'd go with one of the universally flattering nude pairs like Fred and Ginger (my fave!), but it IS the bride's day. If that means candy-apple red and sparkly pink à la Danny and Sandy, so be it!

Added bonus: Scrolling through the shades of glosses is so entertaining. I love figuring out who some of the more obscure couples are. I'm still trying to determine who Roger and Mimi are. Anyone? Anyone? (Just a little Ferris and Sloane reference for you.)

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AHH! Is Mimi and Roger from "Rent"? My favorite overwrought part from the movie version.
Mimi: AZT Break?
Roger: You?
Mimi: Me.
Roger: Miiimiiiii...

Oh! Good call! I haven't seen Rent, so that one was lost on me.

What about Annie & Sam from this lip gloss kit? (;jsessionid=K5104BAIHZIPUCV0KQTRXCQ?id=P210588&categoryId=C12001) Another stumper!

Annie and Sam = Sleepless in Seattle

Right? What do I win? :)

(True confession: I did an online search to find the answer.)

How about this one (they're not on the Tarte list, but I heart them): Lucy and George

Any guesses?

Aren't Lucy and George Sandra Bullock's and Hugh Grant's characters in Two Weeks Notice?

Wow, Caroline! I was thinking of Room with a View (Helena Bonham Carter & Julian Sands), but Two Weeks Notice also works!

Where's the Ross & Rachel lip gloss?

this is way cooler than personalized m&ms! i have a bridal shower to throw in 2 weeks, too bad you need to purchase these a month in advance. darnit!

There should TOTALLY be a Ross and Rachel! And I really want a Pam and Jim.

rodger and mimi are two of the characters from RENT