May 20, 2008

let's talk about sex and the city

fabulicious (t-t-t-t-t-tasty, tasty)

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10-4, good buddies. We read you loud and clear. Many of you (42% so far in our recent poll) are way excited to see the new Sex and the City movie. It opens May 30, as if I even have to remind you.

So you're going, obvy, but how do you turn this movie outing into the cinematic event it deserves to be? Invite your friends over for a pre-party, and follow these quick tips for Sex-ing things up:

  • Cosmos are key, so shake up the cocktail by offering four variations, each named after our four heroines. Mix up the ingredients (vodka, Triple Sec, lime juice), but trade out the traditional cranberry for a different kind of juice, like mango, pomegranate, pear or passionfruit. Put out pitchers of each one and let guests pick their poison ... and their alter ego for the evening. I'm thinking passionfruit would be the perfect bevvie for a Samantha-esque night, no?
  • For snacks, pay tribute to the show's fifth lady, New York City, by serving upscale takes on NYC street food and other city favorites. Think hot pretzels with gourmet mustards to dip into and mini pizzas with decadent toppings. Craving an NYC hot dog? Try one of our creative takes on the classic pigs in a blanket.
  • Glam goodie bags for each guest add a splashy touch. Fill each bag with lip gloss, nail polish, mani/pedi tools and fashion mags. Any Mr. Big-esque guys in the group? Replace the girlie stuff with cigars and upscale men's mags.
  • Add a heart of gold to your fashionista outfit by holding a clothing swap. Ask your friends to bring over clothes and accessories they've tired of to trade with other guests. Display items as you'd see them in an upscale boutique and your simple soiree becomes a free and fabulous shopping event. Donate all extra items to a charity and get extra karma points.

Posted by Eva on May 20, 2008 in Parties

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SOOOO excited for Sex in the City!!!
I'm inviting over all the girls over to pre-funk before we go see the movie and we'll have a cute bartender serving us up cosmo's! Good tips for the variations! You'd be suprised how many men were willing to help out for the event! The dress will be upscale so we can head out after the movie. Have fun ladies!

I am very excited as well. Looking forward to the fun time with you all.Also looking forward to seeing the movie.


I'm sooo excited about the movie!!!! My friends and I are going for drinks and appetizers, then to see the movie. The attire for the evening is FABULOUS!!! I love the goodie bag idea, I think we're going to add that to to our events!!

We are already on it in metro DC; meeting at Finemondo's and on to the movies in our fly, girly-girl dresses.

Great ideas! I cannot wait!

Hi we are on it in Phila. Fashionista weekend. Party at Senora in MANAYUNK then on to movie then sunday we will swap at Signatures Salon.

Call 610-955-4610 or go to site for invite,

Check out our night in Indy. Join if you can-- our catch:

You must dress like your character for the evening and your other challenge is to invite at least two other girfriends that are not on this invitation list. Oh-- and dont forget to bring a bottle of wine or your favorite drink!

The Girls of El Dorado Hills, CA are going out in style! We're having cocktails and dinner @ 33rd Street Bistro - then takin' the short walk (without wobbling!) to the theatre. Then it's back to 33rd Street for "after" cocktails! We've been waiting along time to see what happens to Carrie and Big - can't wait!! Ciao

I am SOOOO excited!!! I have been waiting for this for months. I am having a Sex and the City cosmo and a movie fundraiser for the AIDS Foundation here in Chicago. Full martini bar and appetizers at my house then off to see the movie with some fabulously dressed Chi-Manhattan women! I love the goody bag idea and the pre-made pitchers is a great idea! I am decorating really chic martini glasses with the SATC logo in pink rhinestones!! And I'm using glass photo coasters with quotes from the SATC ladies.

The girls in Dallas are going out in style. I'm having 15 girls over for appatizers and drinks. I'm having 4 types of drinks(each named for the gals on the show). I'm even having a red carpet with boardwalk stars, and making huge flowers (like Carrie wore) out of tissue paper for us all to wear to the movie. We're taking a cab to the theatre in true Sex and the City fashion.

We have been planning our premier night for over a month here in Portland, Oregon. We are so excited to dress up, hav a few cocktails and enjoy the movie. Fabulous!

I have been so siked about Sex in the City, I'm not able to contain myself! My girls and I are going to dinner and we are doing it in true New York style! Dining at a swanky Upper East side restaurant/bar and wearing our most FABOLOUS attire!

I like the idea of dressing up like your favorite character, may have to use that! Have a blast ladies and dont forget, when all else fails, Manolo's NEVER will!!! Smooches!

In LA we are catching up on Sex episodes, playing trivia games, and eating chinese food and oreos! The drinks will be variations of martinis and everyone is dressing up as a character. Everyone is bringing a plain white t-shirt for an iron-on saying either: I am a Miranda, charlotte, carrie or samantha! Can't wait for the movie!!

The Girls in Detroit! We are getting Pedicures and Manicures, Movie, Cosmos & dinner, Trivia Game winner will get a gift basket with the new movie book and T-shirt and tons of movie and girly stuff. Everyone will get a Sex and the City T-shirt, Martini glass filled with nail polish & candy with everyones name on them and all in a personalized bag with SATC on it.

I LOVE THIS !!! This is giving girls a total twist to my already Ladies Nights out !! :) now we get to play Sex in the City games, ie whats in your purse for points, who has the sexiest shoes.. OMG I am going to even have more fun at my shows then ever.. If any one wants to know more about these. send me a call or e-mail: or web: or call 414-213-8477 !@!@
The Ultimate Ladies Night now with Sex in the City Twist! :)

The girls of Austin are having a pre-party -cosmos, sex and the city playing on the tv and of course our Manolos. Party at the Alamodraft house and post-party downtown! Love all the ideas! Can't wait for our night of Fab!

FABULOUS IN FORT WORTH, TX! Some law school classmates and I are dressing up in our best SATC-inspired ensemble, watching the movie downtown and then struttin' to a nearby restaurant for dinner and Cosmos! Trust me, we need the break! Thanks for sharing!

In SF, the ladies are catching the movie and then joining our guy friends for an afterparty at a hotel bar nearby! Hopefully the movie will put everyone in a festive mood for the meetup!

We are gearing up in Bryan-College Station, Tx for a Sex & the City b-day bash for me!!!! Yeah!!! Starting off with 4 types of martinis and then off to the movies with our fave stilettos on...then meeting up with our Mr. Bigs for some more cocktails and dancing!! This was my all time fave show!!! Can't wait!!!

I've got my party planned for Saturday May 31st @ 4pm. Can't wait to serve up the Cosmo's to all my girlfriends!!!

It's Sex & The City Ladies Night like never before !!! We Miami Ladies will enjoy the "Sex and the City" cocktail culture at the Blue Room Lounge at Yvonne's who'll be serving up the Martini's in lovely designer Martini Glasses! We'll go to the show from there. We're all going to dress fabulously, so remember to step out in your stilettos ladies.

Hello Lover...

We are planing a sex and the city movie opening after party here in Orlando. We will have Character drinks like the Carrie and Mr. Big. Also we are having a super $2500 prize raffle for 4 friends to enjoy the sex and the city open weekend. So, if your in Orlando this will be the place on May 30th doors open at 9pm. Jefferys Restaurant and Piano Bar call 407-996-9292 mention sex and the city or text back xcite (your name) to 25827. See you there

It just so happens that May 30th is my birthday (YEY). Me and 22 friends of mine (all girls) are going to watch the movie and we each have "Sex and the City" tee-shirts. After, we are heading to a lounge downtown to meet up with all our guy friends. In total it will be at least 40 of us partying that night. The night after I am having a "Sex and the City" themed birthday bash where we all dress FABULOUS! I AM SO EXCITED, I CAN'T WAIT!!

In NYC, we are doing a fabulous brunch at Olives in the W Hotel in Union Square (sooo S&C). Wearing something sexy and sophisticated is required. We advance purchased our movie tickets, and will head over to the theater after some brunch and cosmos!

We are hosting a Fabulous Sex and the City Party at Club 360 in New Orleans on May 30th!!

Also...we will have a fashion presentation by Saks 5th Ave, Special "Sextini" drink specials. And part of our proceeds will go to "Charity: Water" to help buils wells in Africa!!!

So excited for this!
In addition to getting together with my closest friends, this new group i joined has an SITC event. The Hello Stilletto Club are wonderfully crazy women who love shoes in many cities but I will be in Boston.

I am so excited to have a party for my girlfriends! We are having Cosomo's and cocktail food (all done with the theme) at my place then limo's to the movie. Ladies, pre-order your tickets from the theater.

My friends and I have been planning a premiere party since January! We bought our movie ticketsw online and are all set for the Big night. We are having a cocktail party before hand and we are all dresing the part in our cocktail attire. We are making a different drink for each leading lady - - drinks that represent their personalities the best... such as Sex on the Beach cocktails in honor or Samantha. Can't Wait!!!

The gals in Portland are all meeting at Aquariva dressed to the Nine's! All of the girls will be presented with their goodie bags as suggested above along with RED BALOONS! Just like Mr. Big gave Carie for her birthday. The a limo will take us to the theater where I have arranged VIP seating for us all.

After the show it is out on the town - the Navy ships will be in port - reminds me of a certain episode!

My girls and I are having a BIG NIGHT.....We are going to the movie by limo and the rest of the night is dinner, dancing, and the flirtini!!! We are in Memphis, TN IF ANYONE ELSE IS LET US KNOW!!!!!

We had one of these back in February in preparation for the upcoming movie. We watched old episodes of the show and had good fun!

The Ladies in Augusta, GA are ready for the premire! We are meeting at my house for a pre party with NY appetizers, cosmos and food from the show. All of the ladies will dress as their favorite character. Then a 'party bus' with stripper pole, big screen tv (playing episodes of SATC) and surround sound will take us to the movie and back home for a surprise bachelorette slumber party complete with a 'passion party' for all the gals! Brunch will be served on the patio in true New York style.

I am on it in the ATL! I am planning a party for my friends in Atlanta at the fabulous Atlantic Station! We plan to have cosmos at Strip and walk across the street after drinks to see the first showing of the movie! My evite requires my guests to dress as the SATC person that they are most like! I will be Charlotte for the day - pearls, headband, tasteful dress, chanel bag, and choos!

Me and my entourage will be dining at Devon Seafood in Philadelphia,PA. We will have wine and martini, and Play Sex n The city trivia, all guest will receive gifts filled with , nail polish, jewerly, wine,sex n the city signature white chocolates. lots of girly prizes and then proceed to see the movie...This is ladies nite out cant wait!!!!!!!

I'm inviting all my girlfriends for a "pre" party as well, then head over to the local theater in Frisco, Texas to watch the fun!
Should be a great night!

My ladies & gay boyfriends are meeting for cocktails at a local gay bar then we're heading down to see the film. We're all so super excited, I've been planning this movie party for almost 3 months!

Hi from VA beach! I am set and ready to go see Sex and The City Movie! But I will be waiting for my BFF to come with me and she'll be here in 2 weeks! YEEHAW! We will be there with our Cosmos in hand.

In Baltimore we are having drinks at harbor east (at the theater) then out for cosmos at a local martini bar! Def. going in a large group of many fabulous people!

The fabulous fashionistas in memphis are hitting sekisui pacific rim for cosmos and sushi then heading to the Paradiso movie theater. Who knows where the night will take us after that....

My sister in law has arranged a great evening for all of us SATC fans. She has invited 56 ladies to share in a great night. We are meeting at Forte in Birmingham, Mi for cocktails, cosmos and flirtin's no doubt, and hors d'oeuvres, the the opening of the movie at the Birmingham Theater, then dancing the night away at Boogie Fever in our highest heels. Wow, can't wait.

Girls Night in Atlanta! We've been planning this for over a month now. I made a custom Evite for the event and we are doing drinks and bites at Aquaknox in Buckhead. Then off to Phipps Plaza to view the movie. We are buying tickets in advance of course! The theme is to dress as your favorite SATC character - I'm going to invoke the spirit of Charlotte!

Robyn..... in Memphis, I am so excited my friends and I have been talking about this movie forever. We had a party when the show went off OMG.....we cried and drank flirtinis all night, so now we are ready.


Hey Ladies.. we are having a Girls Night Out meetup for the movie we plan on dressing up renting a limo to go to the movie then have the limo pick us up and take us to a very cool and hip martini bar downtown. Can't wait.

We're doing brunch and a matinee show at Atlantic Station

I have been planning our SATC movie premier for 2 months! We are serving cosmos, absolute hunks and flirtinis from the show. We are doing a pink and black theme to match the movie poster. I replaced all teh art work in the house with SATC framed posters. For food it is all small appetizers. I have trivia games and a "who did who" game with SATC memorabilia as prizes. Our goodie bags have mini bottles of vodka for your movie theater drink, and Cosmo flavored cigars. I have 25 girls coming and am so excited! I am glad to hear that this is going on all over the place! Word to teh wise: My movie theater is already sold out for May 30th. I got my tickets presale. I hope you did too!

YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bought 26 presale tickets last night for the May 30th showing @ 7:45, Studio on The Square is in for a Big Surprise. I am so excited, my friends and I have been looking forward to this since the HBO series finished!!!!

I am so excited for this weekend!!! I am hosting a Sex and the Charm City Party!! Every show in Baltimore has SOLD OUT-- but I have been able to buy advance tickets!! After the movie 30 of my fabulous friends (Dressesd as their favorite character) will be heading to a lounge bar name "Kozmo Lounge" at the swanky Marriott Waterfront! We will be lighting the Baltimore Skyline up!!

I planned a girls night with evite for Sex & the City. We are going to a swanky/restaurant bar, then heading to the movie - with our prettiest heels on, of course! For goodie bags, I got hot pink toole and putting chocolate almonds in them (movie candy) and tieing the tope with black feather ribbon. I am also handing out door prizes (lotions, lipglosses, etc) for the first few to show up to the bar! Soooo FUN! I can't wait!!

My girlfriends and I are SO excited for this party! I am setting up the party with matinis and appetizers first (complete with personalized martini glasses for all 15 of us and laminated coasters made out of magazine clippings about the movie). We live in Chicago and we also have a brunch planned at a BYOB diner the next morning! This is going to be the best movie ever!! Enjoy it ladies and hope your parties are a BIG :)success!!!

This movie is going to a blast!!!!!!!!!! a few of my girls we are going to shut down ATL!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


sorry to break the news, but i am seeing the movie tomorrow. i managed to get advanced screening tickets. very tempted to sell these tickets to make a profit, i just couldn't allow for someone to leak what happened to me soon after the official opening night. it would just kill me.
so, i am off to see the movie tomorrow night with 5 of my friends. i do plan on wearing my karl lagerfeld dress and christian louibitan shoes. why not, right?



We are going to have a guys and gals night, starting at our house. We'll greet our guests at the door with cosmos. We'll offer light appetizers followed by dinner. As background, we'll have our fav SATC DVD playing. The dining room table will be decorated in pink, silver and black featuring silver stars with the 4 ladies' names written on them and silver confetti. We'll play SATC trivia games with the winner taking home an apron straight from the HBO store in NYC stating, "I'll have a cheeseburger, large fries and a cosmo." A limo will pick us all up and take us to the movie. Following the movie, the limo will return us to our house for coffee and vanilla cupcakes with buttercreme frosting with sprinkles made from The Magnolia Bakery's own recipe. Favors will be passed out to our guests. They are white t-shirts that say, "I love SEX in the city." for the gals and black t-shirts that say, "Mr. Big." All the shirts were ordered from the HBO store in NYC. Can't wait....

Ok Ladies. I'm having a sex and the city theme party at my house on friday night..I need some good ideas? I got the Cosmo's, Bellini's, and manhattans. But what else should we do? Any games ??? I'll take any idea's good or bad :) were thinking of having a pleasure party during it

Girls and the City (GATC), the premier professional women's social organization in the Washington, D.C., Annapolis, Baltimore, and Columbia, MD areas, is planning 7-SATC themed events for the weekend of the movie release. It all starts tomorrow night with our Kick Off Party in Elkridge, MD with free mini manicures, chair massages, door prizes, food, games, fun, girl talk, and much more. Visit our site at to find out more!

Hey ladies,a few co-workers and myself were able to see a sneek preview of the movie on tue here in Houston,I won't leak any details about the movie.But it is worth DOING EVERYTHING BIG!!!

Hey ladies, Raleigh NC is on the scene and ready to glam it up for Sex and the City. We are doing a pre-movie cosmo party at home and then painting the town red after the movie...Stilettos and cosmos anyone!

I just found out the wine that "Big" serves to Carrie in the movie - it's Chimney Rock Elevage Blanc. I guess it's also the only wine that was served at the NYC premier party at MoMa. I'm serving it at my SATC movie party to show that I'm so hip w/the movie! Cosmos are soooo tv!

Great piece of info! I agree that cosmos are so typical - love the thought that the girls of SATC are now into wine!

MIAMI IN THE HOUSE!! We are having a fab Miami SoBe pre movie appetizers and cosmos at the Delano (fab chic hot spot in Miami) and then heading over to the movie! Dress code: Sex in The City/SOBE Hot and Sexy! Girls Night Out after on South Beach!!

Count Ann Arbor, MI in on the fun! Pre-movie cocktails and after movie dessert and drinks to cuss and discuss the movie. We can't wait.

Hey Ladies! I am so excited about the 'Sex in the City' Premiere! I am hosting a SITC Girls' Night Out Party in Houston (H-Town)! We are starting off with martinis, bellinis and sushi at Miyako, for sushi and then heading off to see the premiere at the AMC Dunvale! I should have about 10+ friends joining me. I'm getting my hair done, taken off work for the event, and am going to put together SITC girly goody bags and am encouraging everyone to come dressed as their favorite character! Afterwards, we will be de-briefing about the movie at our local 24-hour Starbucks!

Celebrate Female Power!


Julie 'Jules' Minerbo

And I'm on it Hot-lanta. i've invited friends over for drinks and food and then we'll watch the finale season (just in case those have forgotten or just want to see it again) and then we're off to see the movie. We're doing this tomorrow. i'm so excited i cant stand it!!!! This will be sure a Chick Flick w/e!!! Yeah... here's to Sex...And The City lol

Indianapolis is ON IT too! We're meeting up tonight at the Glendale theater near Broad Ripple, handing out goodie bags, donning pink feather boas and fabulous outfits, and then hitting up the bars in Broad Ripple after the show!

After I saw that the local news channel did a story on the movie in last night's 6 o'clock news, I promptly bought advance tickets! This is going to be HUGE!

Can't wait!!!!!

20 girlfriends and I are doing it big in Detroit for the SATC premier. We are waiting to see the movie on Sunday, pre-drinks, food and a visit from the local Mercedes dealer is in store. We will also take pics with SATC character masks and enjoy a sweet coupon from BBOS for 20% off. I guess we are having sponsored themed event. If anyone would like a coupon for Bag Borrow Or Steal, send me an email and I'll be glad to send you one.


“guys…go to any bar near any theater that is showing this movie!!! women will come out of this movie ready to screw anything that moves. they’re complete imbeciles when it comes to this movie and show and will feel ‘all empowered as women’ to be taken advantage of and then you can escape in the early a.m. before they turn into weeping mental cases the next day…so seriously, if you want to get laid, now’s your opportunity. good luck, not that you’ll need it!!!”

We had a "FABULOUS SEX AND THE CITY EVENING". Five fabulous girls/women dressed as Nyers do, heels and all. As we viewed the show, we laughted, cry, agreed, disagreed and applauded. Then off for dinner and Cosmo, Manhattan and Martini's. Talked about, men, kids, sex and boys.

Thank you for such great information..
Thanks Nail Polish