April 08, 2008

champagne supercupcake

let's raise our cupcakes in a toast

In the dessert world, cupcakes are still all the rage (hooray). Amid all this cupcakery, how do you make yours stand out? Give them a kick! Stef over at Cupcake Project has developed a recipe for mimosa cupcakes (that's one in the photo); pause for a sec to think about how delicious and celebratory that sounds.

While you're letting it sink in, let me describe them for you: orange-flavored cupcakes with a sweet champagne syrup drizzled on them, then topped with champagne frosting and a sprinkling of orange zest. Perfect.

Wouldn't these make a spectacular end to a decadent brunch, bridal shower, Mother's Day dinner, any occasion that calls for champagne and dessert — and doesn't every occasion?

Posted by Eva on April 8, 2008 in Food and Drink , Want It

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i love the title "champagne supercupcake"!!

why doesn't anyone believe me that cotton candy will be the next trend in sugary foods?

BOY does that sound tasty....I love citrus-ey cakes, too, they have such a light and refreshing flavor to them. I'm not much of a baker myself, but I might need to give these a try....

i'm kind of over cupcakes-- but I'll let this one have a space in my heart! (And my stomach.)

btw, I TOTALLY believe cotton candy is the next trend! But if only some Beverly Hills bakery can find a way to luxe it up-- Tahitian sugar and white truffle cotton candy, perhaps?

Where's the recipe for these babies? :)

Where can I find the reciepe?

Hi Deidre and Martha,

Just click the photo or the green text (mimosa cupcakes) to get the recipe.


MAN now i im hungry!!!