January 15, 2008

do me a favor

go shorty, it's your birthday

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Reader Annie says, “I would love some ideas for great party favors for children ages 3 to 8.”

Well, you’re in luck! My sister, and kids’-party touchstone, has an 8-year-old and a 4-year-old (and a 1-year-old and another due at the end of the month). Needless to say, she’s seen her share of party favors and has your demo nailed. Here are some ideas she passed along as to what she’s seen and her kids have loved:

  • Favors that go with the party’s theme: At an all-Sponge-Bob bash, parents gave the children little bags of sponge capsules. Apparently, they’re still a hit — my nieces couldn’t wait to toss them in the sink and watch them morph. Likewise, if you’re throwing a pirate-themed party, send the kids home with bags of booty in the form of foil-wrapped chocolate coins. Or for a princess theme, hand out sparkly scepters.
  • Craft projects: Multitask by planning a party activity where the children make their own party favors. They can string leis, color Shrinky Dinks, decorate sugar cookies... the possibilities are endless. For my 8-year-old niece’s birthday, each kid got to decorate a foam visor with his or her name on it. Seriously, these were the Hannah Montana of party favors — the kids went nuts for them.
  • Anything that flashes, bounces or makes noise: When in doubt, stick with the classics. Toys like kazoos, mini flashlights and punch balls are popular for a reason — kids love them! So if you’re strapped for time or short on cash, head to a party supply and go with what you know.

To make sure your favors go off without a hitch, remember to keep them gender-neutral (unless it’s a no-boys/girls-allowed shindig) and as identical as possible so you won’t have to deal with drama of favor envy.

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I read your blog and you said you needed soome ideas for a 3 to 8 year birthday party?? I am a party planner and it is my passion to plan parties, I love planing and making my creative side come out. ideas are endless when your planing a party and I have been dong kids parties for years among wedding adult parties and much more. I am more then happy to give you some ideas I have or even some parties I have done. Read below and I started briefly telling you about some Every year i tell my kids we are going to be simple pizza cake a few games and that's it. I have a 5 year old and 8 year old. Last year for my 5 year olds birthday i truned my back yard into a priate ship and we had a grat pirate party. For my 8 year old i let 12 girls sleep over and I did the SPA theme for them we gave messages, did our nails and toes, etc.I also took them roller skating Now it's time again for their parties and once again I tried the simple but it truned out not simple. I decided to turn my house into the circus. for my oldest I am going to have it in the evening and we are turning my house into a Club. I will set my bar up as a smoothie and milkshake bar have finger food. The girls will dress up and we will dance and sign the night away. The theme is going to be based on Hananha Montana. IF you are interested in these or any other birthday ideas i don't mind going innto detail. please e-mail me at momonthego247@gmail.com Please but in subject line E-VITE BLOG RESPONSE!!! Thank you. I hope i can help!!! I do have some favor ideas I need to know if you have a theme or not and I would be more then happy to help. Hope to hear from you

Candy is always a hit. If you can get jumbo versions or retro candies that makes it even more fun. (Also works on adults!)

You can take hand puppets and fill them up with goodies, tie a string around the botton (so everything stays inside.) Kids will have a bag of goodies for now and a hand puppet to play with later.


This is a great idea for a birthday party for kids 4-8. This company will come to your house or where ever you have your party and build stuffed animals with their own stuffing machine. They have alot of different animals from Dragons, dinosaurs to the traditional bears and dogs. They also have great complete outfits. And for $300.00 you get an animal, an outfit and a carry home box all without picking up a finger.

Check them out at www.mobilebuildabear.com

As a Childrens party entertainer I have found that by looking through various science websites that there are alot of games and crafts out there that kids LOVE.. Example of this would be using sharpie markers and a dropper with rubbing alchohol to tie dye shirts.. Or letting them decorate their own cupcakes.. the hardest part is figuring out what theme to pick.. the rest is easy if you plan in advance

I'm having a b'day party this weekend for my almost 4 year old son. Working full-time out of the home, I decided to make my life a little easier, so I'm throwing the party at a local pizzeria. The kids will start out by making their own individual pizzas, and while it's baking we'll do a craft project. Most likely related to vehicles, as that's what he's into. I saw wooden cars that come with their own paint, so I think that's what we'll end up doing. After the pizza has been eaten, will have a race car cake, kids will go home with their craft a small goodie bag with car related theme items, and we'll call it a day!

i'm having a skateboarding party for my son (5yr) at the park. i just can't think of party favors without spending so much money. Can anyone help?

We are having a party in couple weeks for my 4 year old and 2 year old girls. I just cant figure out what stuff will make my 4 year old and my 2 old year happy. Any suggestion? I know we're going to have a fun jump and stuff and also I will let the kids bring all their swimming gear. Am I doing too much?

I have a daugther who is turning 4 in march of this year and we are planning to book a club house and invite her friends parents as well. I have seen many birthday party (kids) and we all adults get so bored so I had an idea.
have saturday adult fun with drinks and food as well as kids fun with kids drinks and food. Hire a baby sister who will keep the kids busy in playing doing craft work then to pay $150.00 for a clown just for 1 hour. In this way we all are having bunch of fun...


This year I am having my 4 year old little girl's party at our house. We are renting a moon walk (bouncing thing) and having a few water activities like sprinklers and a slip-n-slide. We are doing a pinata as well and instead of giving them bags I bought beach sand buckets with shovels attached to them at Walmart for $1 each. They will be able to fill their buckets with the candy and trinkets from the pinata to go home as "Party Favors". I think that I have come up with a cute and original idea that the kids (and parents) will love, and the children will be able to use their sand toys all Summer! Also, when the guests are arriving, I will provide Paint Pens for the parents to help their children decorate their buckets with their names so no one will fight over whose bucket is whose.