December 06, 2007

thanks for the memories

a large slice, please

So there I was in an itchy, ill-fitting dress staring down a line of hungry party-goers. It was my first time as a bridesmaid (for my best friend from high school's wedding), and I was in charge of the groom's cake ... a large, circular mass of chocolate that I had no idea where or how to cut in to.

After gingerly lopping off huge squares of fudge to spill over tiny party plates, a kind friend of the groom's mother whispered, “Cut a circle around the middle and then slice that outer ring into smaller pieces.” Viola! I had just about evened out my cake-to-person ratio.

Cut to my most recent birthday party, with a slightly better dress and equally hungry revelers. The offering? A large, circular red velvet cake. I remembered how to dive right in.

As both an experienced bridesmaid and party planner, I feed on tips like this and consider this lesson one of the best. Now that all the holiday parties are upon us, I wonder what lessons you've learned from your past fetes or jobs that you've been able to parlay into other events. What tricks from your days of waiting tables do you use at your own parties? Any pneumonic devices that help you remember names and faces at your significant other’s holiday parties? Comment below....

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One tip for hosts and hostesses is to never put out all the food and drinks at once. People are greedy and stragglers won't be left with anything. Instead, I try to cut things in small portions and hand out the first drinks. After everyone has had something, I'll put out more. This also eliminates several bottles of opened soda being left over that will inevitably go flat when everyone could have just shared one bottle.