November 29, 2007

Picture Perfect: Photo Place Cards

photo place cards

Look, your wedding guests aren't going to care whether you spend big bucks on calligraphy for your place cards (and if they do, you should get new friends). But they will appreciate the personal touch of the photo place card.

Printing an old snapshot of each guest next to his or her name is a perfect way to honor your nearest and dearest — as well as an instant conversation starter to break the ice at your reception for guests who won't already know everyone at their table.

Don't have a shot of your childhood best friend's date for the nuptials? Email her to tell her how curious you are to see a photo of her new beau. You can also try sites like Facebook or MySpace — if a guest has a page, it probably includes a picture you can copy and save. If all else fails, substitute a photo of someone famous. When a friend who'd just broken up with her boyfriend decided to bring her pal Ross to my wedding at the eleventh hour, it was too late to dig up a close-up, so I went with a glamour shot of David Schwimmer instead.

Read on for instructions on how to make your own...

Be advised: Depending on the size of your wedding, tracking down a photo of every last guest and scanning those you don't already have digitally can be a serious time commitment. And if you're anything like me, you'll agonize over whether to pick the roller rink–party Kodak moment or the heavy metal–hair senior portrait for your little brother. But the delight of your guests on the big day will make it all worth it.

Here's how to make it happen:

1. Buy place cards designed to be used with a printer at an office supply store or online.

2. Scan snapshots or gather digital photos of all of your guests. (Old, quirky photos guests don't have copies of themselves are ideal.)

3. Using Microsoft Word, go to the Tools menu and select "Letters and Mailings," then "Envelopes and Labels." Click on the "Options" button and select your place cards' product number. Click on "New Document."

4. The cursor will automatically move to where you'll add a guest's photo and name. Insert a guest's picture by going to the Insert menu and selecting "Picture," then "From File." Browse for the image you want, then click on the "Insert" button.

5. Type the guest's name next to the photo. Don't have a place card–feelin' font? Do a Web search for "free fonts" and download one.

6. Print!

Too lazy, tech-shy or overwhelmed with wedding planning to do all this yourself? Do what I did and get a professional to handle it for you (all of mine — including the one above — were done by Torry at Graceful Correspondence).

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"glamour shot of David Schwimmer" -- that sounds like an oxymoron. cute reference to ross, though!

These are totally fabu!!!!!

I remember those roller rink photos! Too funny!


i think i would try to did up those old photos with my sibs on their big wheels!!! or better yet, pogo sticks!

where can I find the place cards with the picture inserts that I see on the evite web page.