November 21, 2007

Light Up Your Table

jacked up, Thanksgiving style

Bypass the brass candlesticks and the Indian corn table decorations. This Thanksgiving, hand your guests knives and let them work out any holiday-related angst … and create your centerpiece at the same time!

Read on for how to create this new take on that old Halloween favorite, the jack-o'-lantern...

  1. Hollow out a winter squash jack-o'-lantern–style. (Large kabocha and acorn squash and even small pumpkins work great; just skip the spaghetti and carnival squash, as their skins are too tough to cut easily.) Remember, the bigger your squash, the easier it will be to carve — and the less likely your candle flame will scorch the squash's lid. If your squash won't sit flat on its own, cut off the bottom tip and set your squash on a saucer.

  1. Carve a Thanksgiving-themed image into your squash. I went with a maple leaf, turkey and abbreviated "thanks" here, but if your artistic skills are more Mondrian than Monet, just get six squash, carve one letter of the word "THANKS" in each one, and line them up along the middle of your table.

  1. Pop a tea light inside each squash, light it, and you're good to glow!

Posted by Elizabeth on November 21, 2007 in Parties

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Awesome idea. I was looking for something unusual and now I have it. Thanks.

What a cute idea. I already packed my pumpkin carving kit away with all the Halloween decorations, but I just may have to pull it back out again!

This is great for a modern Thanksgiving. For a more sophisticated but similar approach, you coud cut out the tops of pumpkins and apples and put tea lights in them. Or, better yet, serve foods inside of the hallowed-out pumpkins or turn them into a cooler.

Great ideas! I've used pumpkins, squash, ghords, etc. as the "containers" for fresh flower centerpieces. Just hollow out, put a water-soaked brick of oasis (floral foam) inside and you're ready to arrange your colorful flowers to make a striking table arrangement.