October 15, 2007

Slime Punch Recipe

Slime Punch

Give a pretty punchbowl a ghastly makeover for your Halloween party by filling it with foaming, green punch. This potent brew has a hint of slime…uh, lime…and is frighteningly simple to pull together at the last minute (no eye of newt or toe of frog required).

I chose lime sherbet for its tangy taste and dreary color. To get the foamy murkiness pictured, just give the punch a quick stir after adding the champagne and ginger ale without mixing the contents together too much. Add more ginger ale throughout the night to keep the foam from fading.

Obliging bugs and spiders (plastic or otherwise) can be frozen into ice cubes the day before for an extra splash of creepiness.

Read on for the recipe — and a non-alcoholic variation...

Slime Punch
This recipe will fill a small punch bowl but can be easily doubled for a larger crowd.

  • 1 2-quart container lime sherbet
  • 1 liter ginger ale
  • 1 bottle champagne

Empty entire container of lime sherbet into punch bowl. Slowly pour in ginger ale, then champagne. Set out cups with spider ice cubes, and serve.

For a non-alcoholic variation: Add a second liter of ginger ale, and replace the champagne with either 2 cups of lemon-lime soda or a 46-ounce can of pineapple juice, whichever you prefer.

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Thanks for this great recipe! I'm a room mother for my daughter's class and am definitely going to bring this punch (obviously, the non-alcoholic version) for her class Halloween party.

I served this punch at my Halloween office party (all commercial constructuion guys) and it was a hit with everyone! I added a ice mold filled with glow in the dark fake bugs and added gummy worms for a really neat, more gross-out effect! Thanks for the idea - it was awesome and was tasty too!

What kind of champagne should i use?

do You have any sugestions on Hallween Drinks for Kids?

What if I want more alcohol? Should I add Vodka?

Vodka.. or some white rhum. yum.

Did anyone add the extra booze? I am thinking I need it a little stronger for the girls I am serving. More champagne or did vodka work?