October 05, 2007

scary monsters and super treats

Creepy Cupcakes

It may seem like we have a slight cupcake fixation at Evite. But that’s because we really do.

Fellow Eviter and cupcake-aficionado Jeff turned us on to this post of creative cupcakes from Wisdom of the Moon that are perfect treats for any Halloween party. We love these as an imaginative alternative to the classic 'cakes topped with those sugary pumpkin candies or plastic spider rings. If your guests are crafty, buy a bunch of candy and let them ice and decorate their own. Or spend hours making them perfectly and watch as your friends descend without even noticing the intricacies of your handiwork.

Simpsons fans: Be sure to check out the Kang/Kodos-esque cupcake, complete with a single gumdrop eye and Laffy Taffy tentacles (but, thankfully, it's free of drool).

Posted by Lindsay on October 5, 2007 in Food and Drink , Parties , Tips

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Hi there, these are actually mine (and it's so cool that you've written about them here!)

And I just wanted to say that when my sister took these to a party, she had to tell people over and over again that THEY REALLY SHOULD EAT THEM. People just wouldn't do it. Even though she brought 2 dozen of them, they sat there for most of the party. :)

Please mail all uneaten cupcakes to the evite offices ... we will gladly gobble them up :)

Cupcakes! Nom, nom.

These are amazing. You rock, Wendy!

I think these would be great for a kids' party too.

Very cute!

BTW, did anybody this week's episode of NBC's The Biggest Loser? They had a cupcake temptation challenge for the three trainers (who all have like 1% body fat, if that). If they ate the four cupcakes placed in front of them, their team would have an advantage. And none of the trainers ate a single one!

(I would have cleared the table!) :)

Dear wendy,
me and my friend ar going to try these at her halloween party!! i am sure it will be a blast!! thanks

Great pictures, can we Digg them??

I will be adding this link to my blog on October 11th. This is the second time I've seen (similar) cupcakes on a blog. It's such a cute idea.

I want to make them for my party. I'm toying with how to make finger foods with this idea...maybe ritz crackers and cream cheese?

If I do figure it out...I'll send you a picture.

Thank you sharing these incredibly appealing cupcakes--they're the perfect combo of goofy and spooky. I'm going to attempt them for a pre-trick-or-treating gathering of the neighborhood kids, and I hope my little girl will eat hers, not save it. (Though they are too cute to eat!) I figure a nice home-baked cupcake is much more wholesome than candy corn and Snickers!

THese are just Martha Steward Cupcakes!....
they turned well....
check her book of cupcakes if you need recipe

I love them!
very creative :)
love the whole detail and fun that was put into them. they look really yummy keep up the good work!