September 14, 2007

Kiddie Pool + Shaving Cream = Good, Clean Fun!

Shaving Cream Party

Wanna save the dough you'd spend on a Chuck E. Cheese's birthday party but worried today's youth will mutiny without animatronic amusement? Take a tip from my friend Liz (whose son, Asa, is pictured here celebrating his sixth birthday): Blow up an inflatable kiddie pool, hand each guest a can of shaving cream and let them learn to entertain themselves!

Between squirting each other with Barbasol and building shaving cream sculptures, they'll have the time of their young lives. P.S. For safety's sake, don't try this with toddlers, and keep an eye on the pool, Hasselhoff.

Posted by Elizabeth on September 14, 2007 in Kids , Parties

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Great idea!! Sending this one to my brother and sis-in-law (they live in Austin, so anything to beat the heat!) so they can use it for their twins' bday party

best give 'em some goggles, too, or it'll be the saline equivalent of a bloodbath.

love the idea, but wouldn't whipped cream work better? it won't sting the eyes, and if they eat it -- there will be no issues.

just a thought

Whipped cream is a great idea too, though it wouldn't hold its shape as well for sculptures. Shaving cream is commonly used for preschool art projects, since it's relatively nontoxic, but yeah, you want to make sure the kids aren't eating it or getting it in their eyes, just like you would with paint.

Hilarious idea. Like hazing at a young age, without the shame. The kids will revel.

Becareful shaving cream will not only sting there eyes but it will kill you grass, if left on there overnight.

Maybe give each kid a pair of swim goggles ( dollar stores sell them)to protect there eyes, then you can just hoes the kids off after they play. They can keep the goggles as a party favor.

ALSO... they make foam soaps & body painting soap they can use also!

If you wanted to use shaving cream but you were worried as there are a couple of safety issues like it getting into their eyes you could ask the guests to bring goggles or glasses.

Someone in this thread mentioned Whipped Cream instead of Shaving Cream,.. NO! Whipped cream is a dairy product and sours at the heat of body tempeture as it is spread on thin and smells to high heaven in minutes. Bad idea,. just trying to save you all some grief,.,.

Stick to the shaving cream,.

In response to safety concerns there is many children safe "shaving creams" that are just for play. I've seen some by Disney in the princess sets, and Lilo and Stitch.

Whipped cream smells like throw up after about 5 minutes of getting up into your nostrils and on your skin. Just tell your kids not to eat it. If they aren't old enough, then try something completely different.