September 07, 2007

a lovely impression


We all know people who just get the do-it-yourself thing, but some of us weren’t born with that crafty gene. When it came time to start planning my wedding, I hired a coordinator. (I’m pretty sure that’s the antithesis of DIY.)

Planning a wedding is full of spend-or-save decisions, and I quickly shuffled printing to my “save” list. I may have breezed through the DIY save-the-date and invitation kits at the stationery store, but I did come across this handy embosser that I snagged in favor of paying for printing my return address on envelopes. The result is oh-so-chic and enticingly tactile. And with each stamp, I marvel at my DIY-ness.

Posted by Lindsay on September 7, 2007 in Tips , Want It , Weddings

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Ooooh, fancy! I like the embossing plate with the two initials and the pineapple. Makes me think of pina coladas.

Embossers are very cool. My wife, who is Japanese, has 4 different stamps or embossers for different occasions. Some are formal, and some are simply to pay the bills. It can be great time saver, and a nice way to sign your name.

I worked with a couple who had mixed heritage of Dominican, African American and Japanese. We incorporated their cultures throughout their ceremony. We used embossers for the cocktail napkins. Just a special personal detail that made a lasting empression.

Where can I buy an embosser like you used? I would like one with my return address and one with my monogram.


Where can you find the stamp? How unique to send notes to clients with a personal touch. Thank you.

You can order this embosser right through (just click on the photo to take you there). Choose whether you want an address plate, initials, a snowflake, whatever! Add it to your basket and follow the prompts to input your information so that it's personalized.

You can also order an embosser at a local stationery story or a chain store like Paper Source or Papyrus. And if you ever move, you just need to buy a new plate.

Good luck!